Features don’t matter anymore. Give customers the benefits so they can relate them to experiences…

You hear it all the time. It’s the little things that make a big difference. That statement couldn’t be more accurate, because when it comes to branding yourself or a product, you are left to decide what’s more important to lead with, your benefits or your features? Something that doesn’t seem like a big deal can make a world of a difference. People want to be amazed and hooked, and that first step you take in forming a relationship with customers can set their expectations for your company or product.

People often tend to lead with their features. This gives you as the provider a chance to catch their eye instantly with what the product is and what is so special about it. It’s not a bad tactic at all when trying to leverage the product itself. However, if you really want to reel the consumer in, you can never go wrong with creating an emotional connection. Customers want to know how they will benefit from this product or service. This is where features and benefits begin to diverge.

When branding the features, you focus on the product or business at hand. You’re trying to sell them on that alone. Anyone can copy your features. Any competitor could have the same features that you do. Features do not differentiate you from everyone else. There is no connection made between you and the costumer, and they will have no reason to choose you over a competitor with similar features. When branding the benefits however, this is where the real knockout punch is delivered.

Benefits focus on the customer. By branding the benefits of your product or business, you are telling people how your service or product will affect them. This is a shift from focusing on you and your business, and instead placing the focus on the customer. By branding the benefits, you instantly create an emotional connection with your customer. You are showing them why using your product or service will enhance their lives.

In this episode of Branding Like A Boss I talk about the difference between leading with features VS benefits. Branding is all about creating an emotional connection. This is a common mistake I see digital brands making all the time. No need to take notes just follow the instructions and start building stronger relationships.

A strong message (along with the proper structure of how you deliver the benefits) will grab the costumer and pull them in almost instantly. This allows you to differentiate from the rest of your competitors. Nobody can imitate the emotional connection that you create with your customers. They can always try and match it, but that connection can never be identical to another competitor’s.

On the other hand, features can be identically mimicked. To sell someone on something, you have to sell them not only on the product itself, but how the product will enhance their lives. Yeah, what you have to offer may be fantastic, but will it bring a positive change to their lives? Is it going to make their lives easier or simply better by using what you have to offer? These are the questions that consumers will ask themselves. You have to find the right balance between selling the product, and selling the benefits of the product.

The emotional connection is often understated when selling. An example as simple as a lemonade stand can show you a how benefits outweigh the features. If some kids want to put up a lemonade stand and make a few bucks, what do you think is causing people to stop and spend the twenty-five cents or a dollar on that lemonade? It’s not because they think they are buying the world’s greatest lemonade. It is because they want to help these kids reach their goal. That is where the emotional connection comes into play.

Think of the benefits and focus on them, not the features. Show the customers how you are going to enhance their lives through your product or business. By creating an emotional connection, you can create a bond that hooks them and gives them a perception of you that can’t be mimicked by anyone else. Features are nothing without the benefits that they provide. This should be the focus when branding your business. Reach out to the consumers and show them what it is about your company that makes you unique. Show them how using your business will have a greater impact on them as opposed to another company. The emotional connection sets the tone for the rest of the relationship, and by branding your benefits, you show that your primary interest is on the customer, and it reveals to them how you stand out from everyone else.

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