025: Aiden “Mega” Fishbein – The Systems Superstar Behind the Curtain

025: Aiden “Mega” Fishbein – The Systems Superstar Behind the Curtain

By March 16, 2016 Branding Like A Boss Podcast

In this episode I finally bring my right hand guy front and center. For any creative solopreneur, there comes a time where execution consistency and production capacity reaches a ceiling. I had two choices: scale back on my creativity and content creation, or bring on a project manager. At the beginning of January I pulled the trigger and brought on Aiden Fishbein. In this conversation we discuss how to assess the need for organization, a handful of task management tools that we currently use, and the philosophy of “productivity” in general.

Always remember, the best system is the one you use.



– Asana: www.asana.com

– Trello: www.trello.com

– BaseCamp: www.basecamp.com

– GRiZ site: http://www.mynameisgriz.com/

– Goldfish site: http://goldfishlive.com/

– Dentist Brain Candy Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dentist-brain-candy/id1047767086?mt=2

– MegaFishbein Productivity Post:

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