In this episode of Branding Like A Boss I talk about Identity Design. I’ve covered a ton of branding related topics on this show but have never devoted an entire episode to identity design / logo design. In this episode I talk about the importance of getting intentional before you hire anyone, how much you might pay and all the other important elements to consider before have your identity designed.

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Color Theory Chart

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 3.04.30 PM


Red is associated with strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Red is a very emotionally intense color. Red brings text and images to the foreground. Use it as an accent color to stimulate people to make quick decisions; it is a perfect color for Call To Action banners and websites. This color is also commonly associated with energy.


Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 3.04.52 PM


Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation. To the human eye, orange is a very hot color, so it gives the sensation of heat. Nevertheless, orange is not as aggressive as red. Orange is highly accepted among young people. As a citrus color, orange is associated with healthy food and stimulates appetite. Orange has very high visibility, so you can use it to catch attention and highlight the most important elements of your design.


Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 3.05.00 PM


Yellow is associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. Yellow produces a warming effect, and arouses cheerfulness. Yellow is often associated with food. Bright, pure yellow is an attention getter, which is the reason taxicabs are painted this color. When overused, yellow may have a disturbing effect. Yellow is seen before other colors when placed against black; this combination is often used to issue a warning. Use yellow to evoke pleasant, cheerful feelings. Yellow is very effective for attracting attention, so use it to highlight the most important elements of your design.


Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 3.05.08 PM


Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety. Dark green is also commonly associated with money. Green has great healing power. It is the most restful color for the human eye. Green suggests stability and endurance. Green is directly related to nature, so you can use it to promote ‘green’ products. Dull, darker green is commonly associated with money,  and Wall Street.


Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 3.05.16 PM


Blue is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, con dence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. Blue is considered bene cial to the mind and body. Blue is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness. You can use blue to promote products and services related to cleanliness, air and sky, water and sea. As opposed to emotionally warm colors like red, orange, and yellow, blue is linked to consciousness and intellect. Use blue to suggest precision when promoting high-tech products.


Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 3.05.24 PM


Purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Purple is associated with royalty. It symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition. It conveys wealth and extravagance. Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and power.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 3.05.33 PM


Black is associated with power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery. Black is a mysterious color associated with fear and the unknown. It usually has a negative connotation. Black denotes strength and authority; it is considered to be a very formal, elegant, and prestigious color.



White is associated with light, goodness, and innocence. It is considered to be the color of perfection. White means safety, purity, and cleanliness. As opposed to black, white usually has a positive connotation. White can represent a successful beginning. In advertising, white is associated with coolness. You can use white to suggest simplicity in high- tech products.

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