EP033 Amber Hurdle

In this episode I finally get a chance to bring one of my dearest colleagues and she-boss Amber Hurdle on the stage. Amber and I met during a mastermind and she was instrumental coaching me through the creation of my Brand ACTIVATOR course, and through a million other “squirrel” distractions. We discuss being a “giver” versus a “taker” in mastermind groups, and throughout this conversation she give great insight into:

1. How to figure out exactly when you need business coach.
2. How to get to know, and ultimately pick a business coach.
3. Setting realistic expectations of a coaching relationship.

And of course…the myth behind saying “hustle!” and “BOOM!”…saying it over and over will not in fact make you a bazillionaire.

Hit up my rent-a-partner Amber!

Twitter: @amberhurdle
Bombshell Business Bootcamp: http://amberhurdle.com/tag/bombshell-business-bootcamp/
Glamour Goals: http://amber-hurdle-coaching-training.teachable.com/courses/glamour-goals


Alex Barker of “Leadership Dojo” Podcast:

The E Myth: Revisited

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