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Braeid Logo Design

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Follow me (Aaron Pierson) in my “Design Travels” I explore Oakland and San Francisco for the first time. This was an epic adventure with one goal in mind, Design the perfect logo for Braeid Multimedia Productions. (Aiden and Kaitlyn)

The majority of our work was done at Farley’s East where they provided creative go juice for Aiden and I to optimize our short time together.

Also follow me on Instagram @aaronpierson333 where I post of ton of awesome shots not shown on this short film.

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Branding 101 – AP Style

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Why is it that so many people think that branding starts and stops with graphics? Branding is so much more then that and if you have ever read my ebook you would know how strongly I feel about branding…

Always be aware of the fact that your brand is perceived by every decision you make. So make your business decisions wisely.

I created this video to showcase what branding truly means to me. Plus I love any oppertunity to create a kick ass video; So I figured I’d produce a video on a subject I’m so passionate about. Enjoy!