In this episode of Branding Lab I’m back with the fire highlighting some design for living qualifiers. Season II is officially here and your patience will be rewarded handsomely. In this season we are interviewing some incredible guests from across the globe to talk about building a personal brand, a design for living, and creating powerful experiences with your audience and customers.

In this episode I also share a few things that may qualify you to be in the perfect position to create a personal brand. Sit back and enjoy the audio crack.

Ask Yourself These 3 Qualifiers:

  1. Do you have a talent or passion you believe you can turn into a business?

  2. Are you willing to take the necessary risks to create the business and a design for living that you want?

  3. Are you willing to commit to go any lengths to achieve success, as defined by you?

If you answered yes to all three of those questions then you’re qualified for entrepreneurship.  If you have any reservation at all about 2 or 3 I highly recommend you leave this page and come back when you’re 100% committed to create the lifestyle business you know you want.

“There is a reason why so many business fail within the first year…The truth is that most of them simply can’t bring themselves to the realization that they will have to make some serious sacrifices to make their dreams a reality.”

I’ve always been very candid with my audience. I ask that you look deep down into your soul and become aware of what you really desire.  Once you have this awareness you can then make the necessary adjustments in your own life that help you align with your new future.

If you enjoyed this episode and article I recommend you give this article I wrote on Huffington Post a read: “3 Steps To Happiness America Doesn’t Want You To Know”.

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