Leveraging Snapchat To Build Your Personal Brand

By May 24, 2016 Blog

Is Snapchat the next big social platform for building a personal brand?

Snapchat may not be as recognizable of a media outlet as Facebook andTwitter, but its emergence can no longer be ignored. Although Snapchat has been around for a few years now, it is new to the marketing world as it continues to evolve into one of the best tools you can use to help build your brand.

I myself have hopped on the Snapchat bandwagon, and it has shown to provide something that Facebook and Twitter can’t quite match. When you take a photo or video on Snapchat, you have the option to post it on your story for all of your followers to see for the next 24 hours before it disappears. In life, yourbrand is built off of each individual’s story. What people see from you, and what they think of you helps build your brand. Snapchat allows you to show off your story, and provides a more intimate connection of what you’re doing, what you’re about, and provides a connection through the story itself. Twitter is more of a place to create updates for your followers in under 140 characters, whereasSnapchat can bring people into your life. They can see what you’re doing with the photos and videos you post, along with a caption to go with it. This allows people to see who you are, and get a closer look at you as an individual or as a company.

Give Your Audience A Behind The Scenes Look

Another reason to love Snapchat is it provides a behind the scenes look at you. People can see what it takes to reach certain goals, and analyze the processes you take to get there. Through this amazing new media outlet, you can build that closer connection with the viewers that can grow over time. Plus, whatever you post, it’s gone in 24 hours, and you get a fresh new start to wow someone with the next story you have to share.

One of the few cons I can say I found about Snapchat is that it’s simply new as a mainstream distribution channel. The amount of Snapchat users does not match that of Facebook or Twitter. They have both been around longer and have been prominent for many years.

Along with that, you can also find it more difficult to get noticed on Snapchat. You can’t just search a specific topic and filter it down to certain businesses or individuals. This can make it tough to get discovered. That, along with the fact that Snapchat sucks the life out of your battery provides a few of the minor downsides of Snapchat. I find myself sitting in my car charging the phone because after 20 minutes of posting and viewing stories, I realize I’ve lost 20 to 30 percent of my battery.

As this media outlet continues to evolve, we continue to see the progress it is taking to become a more prominent role in the marketing world. While providing a new way to market yourself to clients, you’re doing so in a more intimate way, letting the viewers into your life and into your story, which helps you establish that brand that you’re looking for. Remember to utilize the space for captions to tell your story. Bring the viewers and customers into your life and let them see who you are. It may be difficult at first to get discovered, but when the viewers get the chance to see you up close, you’ll be dealing with one of the most phenomenalbrand building tools you can find.

Happy Snapping Folks!

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