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A Living And Breathing Strategy w/ Hillary Frazier

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In this episode of Branding LAB I talk with Hillary Frazier about social media strategies, under utilized platforms and how to create more meaningful content for any audience. Hillary’s a Social Media Consultant who has worked with some big brands such as Vine, Beats, Gray Agency and many others!

Explore Hillary’s Site:

Building A Personal Brand & Authority Through Self Publishing

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In this episode of Branding Lab I bring back on Jeremy Jones from The Book District to talk about the why self publishing a book is good for building a personal brand and authority in your space.

Last year my book Brand Dominance soared to best seller in less then 12 hours because of the strategies and process Jeremy helped facilitate during my launch.


Disrupt or be Disrupted

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Disrupt or Be Disrupted: What Every CEO Must Know

You may be familiar with the term “disruption” but it’s possible it has also completely lost meaning (as words often do) from being so overused.

“Disrupt or be disrupted” is not a new business concept. It is something that has been studied, defined, and redefined, since Clayton Christensen coined the term “disruptive innovation” in his 1997 book entitled, The Innovator’s Dilemma. Since its conception, the idea of disruption in business has taken on it’s own persona and has truly become an entity in itself.

By “disrupt or be disrupted”, I mean that if you aren’t making things happen yourself, for your company, then someone is going to put you out of business right under your nose–with a lower price point and better business plan. This is true for every company, in every industry. Right now, at this moment, your company is either disrupting the marketplace, or you’re actively being disrupted.

This isn’t meant to be fear based, but it’s the reality of the situation so I might as well come out with it. Read More


The Reason Behind The Purchase

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I am so stoked to be back here with Douglas Davis and be able to pick his brain on the reason behind the purchase. Author of Creative Strategy and the Business of Design, founder of The Davis Group, professor at New York City College, Douglas wears a lot of hats–all stylish and functional.



The Future of the Creative Industry

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The Future of the Creative Industry with Douglas Davis: Part 1

I am so stoked to be here with Douglas Davis and be able to pick his brain on the future of the creative industry. Author of Creative Strategy and the Business of Design, founder of The Davis Group, professor at New York City College, Douglas wears a lot of hats–all stylish and functional.

There’s a huge disconnect happening right now in the industry and Douglas’s book is a means to bridging that gap.

“Business is annexing design.”

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Everything is a Remix w/Chris Do

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You are your brand and your brand is you. Perception is everything. In this episode of Branding LAB with designer, creator, visionary, brand developer, Chris Do, we talk on the value of self representation and brand clarity.

Before we start to position ourselves as the kind of person we want to be perceived as, we first have to know who we are. A personal brand audit will give you a baseline, and then you can tweak and build from there.

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UX is a Spiritual Practice w/ Jose Caballer

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To say that this episode of Branding LAB is entirely different than anything you’ve heard is an understatement. Jose Caballer has made a life in User Experience (UX) design but his approach is anything but typical.

A spiritual person by nature, Jose has found a way to incorporate his heartfelt and deeply rooted practice into his profession to transcend the protocol in the industry. This has allowed him to create and produce work that is successful, meaningful and completely unique.

At first, the notion that UX is a spiritual practice might seem like a contradictory statement. How could something that is digital and designed for consumers everywhere be considered spiritual. But when Jose goes deeper into his explanation and heart, you begin to see very quickly that all UX is is connection.

A connection between the company and the customer. A connection between service or product and user. A connection between intention and creation.

Everything within UX design is connected to something and when you can clearly see and define what that “something” is to your brand, then you are cracking the code to organic and uninhibited success.

“Be involved in the business of your customers.”

Jose had to ask some hard questions of his peers within his industry and realized that a massive piece of the puzzle was missing across the board–the heart. Without this, brands found it almost impossible to meaningfully engage customers and build a loyal community.

But Jose had seen the light. He knew what was needed before anything could even begin and he built an entire brand, school and platform on a strong foundation of heart.

“You don’t do separate from being.”

He has three tattoos on his arm that represent the steps that should be taken in order to develop and design a UX that is in intentional flow.

The Heart – Values – Who you are (define the brand)
The Diagram – Strategy – Who your customers are (their needs in relation to your values)
The Triangle – Execution – Business goals (increase revenue, awareness, etc)

“The first thing you need to do is to get everyone to work from the heart not the head. The future is feminine.”

You can’t think of UX as building an app or a website. You’re building a connection between humans.

UX is a spiritual practice. It’s about bringing hearts together. It’s about connection.

Final Words by Jose Caballer
Create a 4D experience that people can really feel and that evokes a certain sentiment within them. Success comes from connection. There’s no coincidence that Steve Jobs was dropping acid to try to transcend reality and create from a more conscious state. Think outside of what you’ve been taught and work from the heart space to connect more deeply.


Using Feedback Loops to Create Powerful UX w/ Lukas Ruebbelke

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Google developer expert, fortune 100 consultant, speaker, writer, author and creative, Lukas Ruebbelke is a programming rockstar.

“We are all creators and we are all compelled to create meaningful things.”

As a creative person, it is always beneficial to learn what others think, feel or gather from your work. Feedback fuels growth–whether it be personal, professional or otherwise. Read More

Strategies for Personal Brand Consistency w/ Tina Walczak

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Is Brand Consistency even important? In this episode of Branding Lab I talk with Tina Walczak about Strategies for Person Brand Consistency and why it is so critical. Tina is the Creative Director at Hiilite, a creative agency that focuses on SEO and brand strategy. Her experience and style attracted me to their agency a few months ago when I decided to write an article about Brand Consistency for the Huffington Post.

Thinking with the end in mind isn’t always easy but Tina lays out specific strategies on the the process needed to build a personal brand.

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Self Awareness & Brand Positioning Exercise

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In this episode we’ll be going over a self awareness and brand positioning exercise. This is somewhat of a hands on episode, so grab a notebook and a pen. We’ll be exercising the mind getting deep into questions like “What feeds your ultimate goal?” Also, I share a nice anecdote on building my agency with my two partners, Mo Sanchez and Aiden Fishbein.

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Joshua Smith Podcasting

Success is in Elimination w/ Joshua Smith

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In this episode I welcome Joshua Smith, a friend, colleague, and top 1% world-wide real estate producer. Host of GSD Mode (Get Shit Done Network) He’s been a mentor to me over the years and has been instrumentally inspiring to me through some tough times.

“There are two kinds of pain: pain from discipline, and pain from regret. Choose wisely.” – Joshua Smith

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Finding Purpose and Motivation Behind Your Personal Brand

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Finding purpose and motivation is a lot easier said than done.  Trust me, after years of running a business I ended up hating all sorts of stuff. I know now looking back that it wasn’t the business that I hated but the lack of clarity, awareness and purpose I had at the time.

In this episode of  Branding Lab I share some strategies you can apply to help you find purpose and motivation behind your personal branding.

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Control VS Influence w/ Marty Neumeier

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To kick off the second season of Branding LAB, I sat down with Marty Neumeier, branding veteran, author and in my opinion “genius” to talk about his expertise and tips on being a pioneer in brand architecture.

Director of Transformation at Liquid Agency, Marty is the main thought leader for the agency and a prolific author on the art and universe of branding.

This season will put personal branding under the microscope, so launching with Marty as my first interview was a no-brainer. Personal branding doesn’t necessarily differ from company branding in process per se, which is a common misconception, but as far a intention is concerned…it absolutely does.

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Season II Intro / Design for living “qualifiers”

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In this episode of Branding Lab I’m back with the fire highlighting some design for living qualifiers. Season II is officially here and your patience will be rewarded handsomely. In this season we are interviewing some incredible guests from across the globe to talk about building a personal brand, a design for living, and creating powerful experiences with your audience and customers.

In this episode I also share a few things that may qualify you to be in the perfect position to create a personal brand. Sit back and enjoy the audio crack.

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Podcasting and Webcasting Gear Guide

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So I’ve been getting tons of questions about “What gear am I using for X”.  So I’ve decided that instead of doing a live stream in my studio every day answering the same question… to put together a Gear Guide to quickly show you the equipment I use and where you can purchase it on Amazon.

By no means is this the Cheapest Gear Guide but it is My Gear Guide.  It’s also not the Best Gear Guide on the planet.  There are plenty of amazing manufactures such as Sony, Nikon, Rode and a handful of others that didn’t make the list but are still awesome manufactures of content creation tools.

This is a list of most of the equipment I use on a daily basis. Not only create my own personal content but also professional content for our clients.

Hope you find my Gear Guide useful… Now go out there and create some killer content.

Just in case you didn’t see all the hyperlinks above…

Get My Gear Guide


041: How To Avoid Brand Disconnect

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In this episode of Branding Like A Boss I answer a listeners question about brand disconnect. Brand disconnect happens when companies don’t spend the initial time needed to actually get intentional. I recommend checking out my free brand audit mini course to help you discover you look, feel, voice and tone before you create your own disconnect.

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040: Identifying Your Look & Feel In Three Steps

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In this episode of Branding Like A Boss I share a few strategies I use to identify the look and feel of a brands visual identity. For the purpose of this episode I have broken it down into three simple steps that you can take to achieve clarity for your visual identity. In fact this is the exact same process I use during our agencies brand discovery strategy sessions. Now get to work!


039: Attracting Bigger Clients

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In this episode of Branding Like A Boss I talk about attracting bigger clients and strategies on how to do that. This is a question that came in from Tracy on Snapchat who reached out to me when I was in London. This is currently a process I’m going through myself and is something I wanted to share with you. Enjoy the strategy!


Leveraging Snapchat To Build Your Personal Brand

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Is Snapchat the next big social platform for building a personal brand?

Snapchat may not be as recognizable of a media outlet as Facebook andTwitter, but its emergence can no longer be ignored. Although Snapchat has been around for a few years now, it is new to the marketing world as it continues to evolve into one of the best tools you can use to help build your brand.

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033: DIY Brand Audit

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When was your last Brand Audit? In this episode of Branding Like A Boss I talk about why its so critical to not skip step zero…

Year ago I designed a brand audit process and in this episode I talk about how conducting your own brand audit can greatly benefit your business and overall position in your industry.

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EP033 Amber Hurdle

033: Masterminds & Coaching With Amber Hurdle

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In this episode I finally get a chance to bring one of my dearest colleagues and she-boss Amber Hurdle on the stage. Amber and I met during a mastermind and she was instrumental coaching me through the creation of my Brand ACTIVATOR course, and through a million other “squirrel” distractions. We discuss being a “giver” versus a “taker” in mastermind groups, and throughout this conversation she give great insight into:

1. How to figure out exactly when you need business coach.
2. How to get to know, and ultimately pick a business coach.
3. Setting realistic expectations of a coaching relationship.

And of course…the myth behind saying “hustle!” and “BOOM!”…saying it over and over will not in fact make you a bazillionaire.

Hit up my rent-a-partner Amber!
Twitter: @amberhurdle
Bombshell Business Bootcamp:
Glamour Goals:

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032: Marketing VS Advertising

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In this episode of Branding Like A Boss I talk about the difference between marketing and advertising. It’s crazy to me that most people don’t know the difference so I had to clear the air. I also go into some strategies on how with this new found understand you can maximize your effectiveness when promoting yourself. Enjoy!


031: Strategies for a Best-Selling Book Launch with Jeremy Jones

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In this very special episode Aiden and I interview our book launch mastermind Jeremy Jones. We get into the precise steps I took to write and launch an Amazon #1 Best-Selling Book. From the outlining and “golden thread” finding process, all the way through the hustle of launch day (grinding away on the phone), this episode should leave you with the blueprint necessary to write and release a best-seller of your own.

Jeremy can be hit up at:


030: Leveraging Snapchat To Build A Brand

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In this episode of Branding Like A Boss I talk one of my favorite content distribution channels right now, Snapchat… I’ve personally been using Snapchat to build not just build my brand but reinforce it with my audience. In this episode I share with you the pro’s and con’s that I’ve found from personally using the platform. All and all I think it’s an awesome platform for storytelling.


029: Identity Design – Foundational Building Blocks

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In this episode of Branding Like A Boss I talk about Identity Design. I’ve covered a ton of branding related topics on this show but have never devoted an entire episode to identity design / logo design. In this episode I talk about the importance of getting intentional before you hire anyone, how much you might pay and all the other important elements to consider before have your identity designed.

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028: Passion & Priorities – Growing Pet Projects in your Spare Time

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In this episode I answer another listener question. @JoeJessal asks, “What’s some good ways to build on your “pet passion project” without consuming too much time? I’ve got 2 weeks till I leave for Zion to run my 100 mile marathon and have been writing a blog about it for the last 9 months (feel free to share) and may want to do something with this down the road but also don’t want to invest time that I need to be spending in my business. But one of these days I want to minimize this experience. Coaching, book, etc. So what are some activities I should be doing to keep a little momentum on this project in my ‘spare’ time?”


027: Brand Dominance Book Available on Amazon

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Brand Dominance – THE BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON! That’s right folks you can now go to amazon and grab a copy of a book that’s been in the making for 2 years. In this book I outline strategies that I have implemented to help companies go from zero to INC. 500 and beyond. In this episode I talk about the book, some of its contents and FREE WORKBOOK that you can download to help you maximize your experience when reading Brand Dominance.

Buy on Amazon


025: Aiden “Mega” Fishbein – The Systems Superstar Behind the Curtain

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In this episode I finally bring my right hand guy front and center. For any creative solopreneur, there comes a time where execution consistency and production capacity reaches a ceiling. I had two choices: scale back on my creativity and content creation, or bring on a project manager. At the beginning of January I pulled the trigger and brought on Aiden Fishbein. In this conversation we discuss how to assess the need for organization, a handful of task management tools that we currently use, and the philosophy of “productivity” in general.

Always remember, the best system is the one you use.



– Asana:

– Trello:

– BaseCamp:

– GRiZ site:

– Goldfish site:

– Dentist Brain Candy Podcast:

– MegaFishbein Productivity Post:


023: Branding Features VS Benefits

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Features don’t matter anymore. Give customers the benefits so they can relate them to experiences…

You hear it all the time. It’s the little things that make a big difference. That statement couldn’t be more accurate, because when it comes to branding yourself or a product, you are left to decide what’s more important to lead with, your benefits or your features? Something that doesn’t seem like a big deal can make a world of a difference. People want to be amazed and hooked, and that first step you take in forming a relationship with customers can set their expectations for your company or product.

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021: Just Being Real

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In this episode of Branding Like A Boss I open up to you a bit… Every entrepreneur struggles with growing pains, time management and a handful of other things. In this episode I talk about what I’m struggling with right now in my business. This is the real shit…


Should I Separate My Socials? EP017

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@alexiskrystina asks: “When do you separate your personal social accounts and business accounts?” She doesn’t want to lose any followers, but her social sites and domain all incorporate her full name and personal brand already. I go over some important questions to consider first, on a foundational level, that may answer this question for you.

Check out Alexis’ site:

Hit her up on twitter:



Stop Dry Humping Your Brand w/ Emmy Award Winning Director Chris Do & CEO of THE SKOOL, Jose Caballer EP016

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In this episode of Branding Like A Boss I talk with Emmy Award Winning Director and CEO of “Blind”, Chris Do & CEO of “The Skool”, Jose Caballer. We have a heavy discussion about their brand philosophies and how they’ve helped hundreds of creatives build their agency through their online school (The Skool). I have been closely following these dudes for over a year now, and every time I tune in to their networks I always leave with something new to apply in my business. THIS IS A MUST LISTEN!!!

Check out The Skool:

Also check out Blind:



Offensive Brand Strategies

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In this episode of Branding Like A Boss I talk about what it takes to play offense in your brand strategy.  There are three things I have applied to my own business that has made a huge impact in the overall growth…  You’ll only know if you try to implement them.

You can download the worksheet I referred to in this episode below

Business & Brand Cycle

Business & Brand Cycle

The goal of the worksheet is to be not only have enough time to run your business but leaving enough time to build your brand...




Overcoming The Growing Pains of Personal Branding With Megan Le Vu

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In this episode of Branding Like A Boss I talk to an amazing boss Megan Le Vu.  Megan is a YouTuber, Podcaster, Speaker and all around bad ass.  We talk about the growing pains she went through as her personal brand evolved and why authenticity is so important!  Plus this is the first interview ever on Branding Like A Boss

Check out Megan –

GSD Mode

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Episode Featured Guest: Aaron Pierson

Meet the creative ninja behind GSD Mode, In this interview I bring on my Executive Producer, Aaron Pierson who shares in entrepreneurial journey and new content to look forward to.


Sidepreneurs (Interview)

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Episode Featured Guest: Aaron Pierson

Aaron Pierson is a digital branding consultant and entrepreneur, who knows a thing or two about nailing the side hustle and finding a balance between work, life and building a business. His “out of the box” methods, extensive experience in sales and advertising and ability to communicate brand messages through creative design, has seen him work with some exciting industry leaders like John Lee Dumas. A man with insane design talent and the CEO of Pierson Ventures.


Write With Impact (Interview)

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Episode Featured Guest: Aaron Pierson

Today I’ve decided to take a break from talking about writing. Instead, we’re going to dive into a topic that is something I’ve been doing for several decades now through my work as a communications and branding professional, and something that I believe is incredibly relevant to all of you writers out there: branding!

Aaron Pierson Interview on Marketing Access Pass

Marketing Access Pass (Interview)

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Episode Featured Guest: Aaron Pierson

“Aaron Pierson” has over 10 years experience in the Marketing and Advertising Industry.  He is a Creative Consultant and Professional Designer.  He specializes in designing company logos, business cards, podcast artwork, print advertisement, websites, and photography.  He has a passion for helping people with creative design and branding.


How To Create An AVATAR With Facebook – Knowing Your Target Audience

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In this episode I talk about how to create your Ideal Client Profile aka Avatar aka ICP using Facebook.  This stuff is not rocket science but it’s absolutely critical to building up your online brand…  Check out the Activator Link above for a comprehensive workbook to help you create your ICP.  Use discount code BOSSDISCOUNT (that’s all caps) to save some dough!

Warrior Protocol Promo Video

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By age 17, Warrior Protocol Founder & Lead Coach Simon Smart was running around fields with a rifle leading platoons on training exercises as a part of British Army Officer Cadet Training. He spent college studying law by day, working security jobs at night and fighting in karate tournaments at the weekend.

In a moment of clarity, he confronted the fact that he no longer felt called to the attorney career path, and moved to Osaka, Japan to spend years studying a selection of traditional martial arts, alongside rigorous spiritual and manhood training.

Feeling most at home in the company of soldiers and action takers, he went on to help train thousands of soldiers in close quarter survival skills before they deployed to Iraq & Afganistan.

After moving to the US to get married to his wife Michelle, and taking on the responsibility of raising a family in the wake of the financial crash, he made the mistake of setting aside much of who he had become to better fit into the corporate consulting world. Although finding success and recognition, this path eventually lead to crushing depression – a battle which would lead several years while he studied nutritional, exercise, neuropharmacology, NLP and whatever else would give him an edge over his mental state.

Warrior Protocol training was born from this struggle, and being forced to reconfigure all his previous training away from the world of the combat focused warrior, towards a program better suited to the unique challenges of a modern male entrepreneur.

Although he still consults with companies, Simon’s primary calling and mission lays in pushing men to be more – to deal with the bullshit in their own heads, so that they can access authentic natural power at all levels of their being, with the outcome of huge results in business, relationships, health and spiritual clarity.

Check out his site here at

GSD Mode Short

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Joshua Smith isn’t just an incredibly successful entrepreneur but one of the most motivational human beings I have ever had the honor to work alongside. So around April of 2015 I started working with Joshua on his webcast/podcast and brand GSD Mode (Get Sh*t Done Mode). I’m so grateful to have been apart of his show and will never forget the amazing experience I gained from working with him… He is truly one of a kind and a master of craft. Thanks bro and Happy Birthday.

Behind The Scenes – Farm & Garden Crowd Funding Video

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Behind the scenes – I was recently reached out to by an old friend from high school to help film a crowd funding video to help kickstart a new app that will help people all over the planet solve a big problem.

We’re always told as we grow up that “Food & Shelter” are the two most important necessities for survival and this app address one of them. On top of the fact its a win for the human race it’s also a huge win for the environment.

After Stu told me about the project I was compelled to donate my time help the cause.

*** The crowd funding campaign isn’t ready yet and we are exploring a few options before we publish it (; If you interested in backing this application unfortunately I don’t have any links to share with you at this time*** But will shortly :-)

If you want to get involved in any capacity you can reach out to Stuart.

Check out Perennial Harvest / Stuart Campbell:

Recent Interview on Write With Impact

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So I was recently asked to be interviewed on a podcast Write With Impact hosted by Glenn Lebowitz. I had the honor to play a roll in his identity design for his podcast and he insisted on having me on his show. I’m so happy I took him up on his offer because together we were able to create some killer content.


You know me…. I love creating killer content.

CLICK HERE to listen to this episode where I share “How To Create A Killer Brand Strategy”.

Leveling Up with Joshua Smith

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If you guys didn’t know I’m currently the Executive Producer for GSD Networks, aka “Get Sh*t Done”… This is a killer episode where my boy Joshua Smith drops some hard core wisdom and gives me some killer credit. Thanks homie! You’re an inspiration and great mentor.

Check out : for more killer content from Joshua….

GSDtv – Video Bumber

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I’ve recently been experimenting a lot with adobe Premier and I’ve really surprised myself. I whipped this video bumper together in a few days after getting the footage I needed and doing some research online on how to make it bad ass… I like it and I think it really fits his personality well.

If you didn’t know I’m officially Joshua’s producer for This dude is dropping some serious knowledge and wisdom on a daily basis so check out what we’re up to.

Also follow me on Twitter @ap_creative and receive live streams of GSDtv from time to time.

Branding Like A Boss

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I’m running a free training “Branding Like A Boss” to teach you the 5 digital brand essentials any online entrepreneur needs.. If you want to look like a boss and be taken seriously this webinar is for you. I’ll show you how to:

1. Attract customers you will love to work with (and keep the bad ones away).
2. Tell your story in a way that makes people want to pay to be a part of it.
3. Never have to people please again.
4. Have a totally unique brand and style that people instantly recognize as you, no matter where you are on the internet.
5. Equate proper brand strategy to getting killer referrals and repeat business!

Seriously, it’s time to end your brand shame. Register for the training now OR you can always go back to 99designs or fiverr…

Write With Impact – Logo + Podcast Design

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Another killer design I’m really proud of. Based out of Taipei, T’ai-pei, Taiwan, Glenn Leibowitz decided to start a podcast / blog and eventually a book to help people have more impact with their writing, focused on non-fiction (blogs, essays, white papers, books and more)…

The idea behind the brand development for me was to create and striking icon that truly embodied writing and the importance of conversion based writing.

I believe I nailed it….

His podcast isn’t scheduled to launch until the beginning of the 2nd quarter of 2015; but we should all be stoked to see it live. As an online marketer and digital entrepreneur we all know the importance good writing can have on your business. Hence “Write With Impact”.

I’ll let you know when its live because he asked me to be on his show…

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Braeid Logo Design

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Follow me (Aaron Pierson) in my “Design Travels” I explore Oakland and San Francisco for the first time. This was an epic adventure with one goal in mind, Design the perfect logo for Braeid Multimedia Productions. (Aiden and Kaitlyn)

The majority of our work was done at Farley’s East where they provided creative go juice for Aiden and I to optimize our short time together.

Also follow me on Instagram @aaronpierson333 where I post of ton of awesome shots not shown on this short film.

Thanks for watching and please subscribe to my youtube channel!


Sidepreneurs – Logo Design

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Just buttoned up another awesome project with an amazing New York entrepreneur… This was absolutely a collaborative effort between Shawn and myself but we are both extremely pleased with the end result. Stay tuned for his podcast that is scheduled to launch in 2015… The podcast “Sidepreneurs” is about educating and equipping entrepreneurs to move from thinking to action to full-time entrepreneurship.


Branding 101 – AP Style

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Why is it that so many people think that branding starts and stops with graphics? Branding is so much more then that and if you have ever read my ebook you would know how strongly I feel about branding…

Always be aware of the fact that your brand is perceived by every decision you make. So make your business decisions wisely.

I created this video to showcase what branding truly means to me. Plus I love any oppertunity to create a kick ass video; So I figured I’d produce a video on a subject I’m so passionate about. Enjoy!

Legacy Elixirs – Logo Designs

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I’m really proud to showcase some logo designs I slaved over last weekend.  V1 is by far my favorite.  Legacy Elixirs is an new brand providing the catalyst for electronic vaporizers.  I Bryce reached out to me about the project I was sold and was compelled to dig my hands deep into it.  The inspiration he sent over was based on a Vaudeville poster and this is what I came up with.

Be My Guest

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Entrepreneur On Fire – eBook Design

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Possible considered one of the best podcasts for entrepreneurs; Entrepreneur On Fire is crushing the podcasting space with a 7 day a week podcast, interviewing inspiring entrepreneurs and motivational thought leaders.

entrepreneur on fireOccasionally John and Kate reach out for some design work and when I heard “ebook” I got excited. Not only did my team and I design the book cover but also the actual ebook itself.

I’ve also had the honor to work with John and Kate on providing graphic work for other training programs they have launched.  At one point I had over 10 of my graphics on the new and noteworthy section of iTunes.  All because of the EOF team.

Urban Advertising – Will Build Kick Ass Websites For Money

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So this experiment was interesting.  People were actually trying to give me money.  I couldn’t help but laugh, respectively decline their donation of a dollar and hand them a business card.  One women actually got out of her car to come and talk to me about web design.

The only trouble I had was competing with other advertisers on the same corner.  Even urban advertising has its disadvantages. I gave the man 10 bucks to move along to another intersection.  I guess you can never avoid paying for decent placement.

Color Wheel “Awesome Adobe Tool”

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Ok creatures of design, I have posted about this before but if you haven’t kept up with Adobe Kuler you have to check out the latest improvement on their website.  This easy to use tool will help you find any type of color combination you want.  Graphic Designers and web developers, you will love this link!  It’s like the color wheel on steroids!


Top 5 Most Effective Home Page Designs (Free Resource)

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So there has been a lot of online chatter recently about website design and it’s mostly focused on the homepage design. So I decided to put together a simple resource guide showing you the “5 Most Effective Home Page Designs.”

Don’t get this confused for the 5 best website’s. I’m simply using a few examples from a design standpoint and explaining some of the fundamental elements you should be looking for in an effective homepage design.

CLICK HERE to get this free resource.

Also please share this resource with social icons on the lift, if you found it useful.

Nulla Magna

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The Field

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Magna Quis

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Big Buck Bunny

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Portit mollis vitae

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Ownage In The Mountains

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Velit Porttito

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Aenean laoreet tortor

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