Using Feedback Loops to Create Powerful UX w/ Lukas Ruebbelke

Using Feedback Loops to Create Powerful UX w/ Lukas Ruebbelke


Google developer expert, fortune 100 consultant, speaker, writer, author and creative, Lukas Ruebbelke is a programming rockstar.

“We are all creators and we are all compelled to create meaningful things.”

As a creative person, it is always beneficial to learn what others think, feel or gather from your work. Feedback fuels growth–whether it be personal, professional or otherwise.

Without being able to look at your work objectively, acknowledge mistakes or problems and adjust accordingly, a huge opportunity for growth is being missed.

Feedback loops are the single most important component for people to be successful.

A feedback loop is asking for opinions on something, taking action on making adjustments, and getting more feedback–and so on, and so on.

This allows for course correction before the final product is complete in order to ensure the goal is still in mind and the needs of the final product haven’t changed. Whether you apply this to software development or your romantic relationship, the process is the same.

Leave ego at the door and open yourself, your project and your life up to the beauty of breaking down to build back up.

In software development specifically, a feedback loop early on avoids months of time being wasted and ensures the client’s needs are being met throughout the process.

Build, measure, learn.

By measuring behavior, looking at the result and making adjustments along the way, you come from a place of humility and allow for transformation.

The fastest way to find out if somebody likes your content or if it resonates, is to put together a presentation and get in front of people. This is much like a focus group but can also be much less formal, or much more formal, depending on your needs.

Measuring the results from a focused feedback loop can only be beneficial. Learning where improvements can be made pushes you ahead and helps you forge the path of least resistance towards bright and shiny success.

A great way to look at content differently and get peer feedback is to join forums like github. This is essentially a distribution channel for technical creators, but the concept is available and relevant across industries.

The premise is to get your content in front of people within your industry and gain valuable feedback that can help you propel it to greatness. This is also an incredible opportunity to make yourself and your own problem solving useful.

By participating in a feedback loop forum like github, you can make connections with potentially important people which can turn out to be quite profitable.

Problems = Potential = Profits

Identifying a problem is potential to profit in some way. Whether that be monetarily, in trust, respect, opportunity or connection. See it as an opportunity to take a step forward.

This strategy works across the board, across industries and with just about everyone. The secret is that you want to run at the problem to find a solution. Rather than get caught up in the challenge of the actual problem, go towards it with confidence and conviction.

You will come to see that you develop an affinity for creative thinking and problem solving, which will surely come in handy for your own growth and development in the future.

Final Words by Lukas Ruebbelke

Instead of running away from the fire, run towards the fire (problem) because that’s where people who matter are looking. Whether you’re in marketing, real estate, boating, whatever, ask what is preventing your customers to get on board. What is the barrier to entry?

Ask the uncomfortable questions and come up with a creative way to solve that problem.

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